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Best way to Add New Stickers on WhatsApp Chat Even easier

Monday, 12 April 2021 (6 months ago) 626 views

WhatsApp always support stickers in the chat section which we used to make our conversation special. And recently WhatsApp officially add new features where you can add many strikers in one click. The good news is to get all sticker you don’t need to install any third party application or using anything. However, here we gonna know how you can add a new stickers’ folder in your WhatsApp to using official way. Also, here you’ll show you the genuine guide to get new stickers stock in you WhatsApp for free. 

WhatsApp Stickers

WhatsApp is the world most using application where you can chat with your friends and family with sending a photo, video clip, etc. This app brings stickers features from the first time, and it was limited, but now you can use stickers from third party App or using official link. Now if you want to add new stickers on your WhatsApp then you can very easily in one click.

How to do it?

To add a new sticker on your WhatsApp you can follow this steps where you can get the latest stickers folder for free. It’s a safe and secure way which provided by WhatsApp official.

1 steps: Make sure your WhatsApp is the latest version, if not then update from app store.

2 steps: Now click on the link here:

3 steps: It will redirect to your WhatsApp app then click on get option.

That’s it you’ll get all new stickers.


We hope you’ll love the way we have tech you how to add new stickers on WhatsApp, if you really did then feel free and comment below it will make our day. Thank you for visiting APKPolice.Net keep visiting for more info.

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